How to Simple Home Recording Studio

How to Simple Home Recording Studio - Learn here how to set up simple home recording studio from your living room from beginner's like a pro. Prepare your room to create a smart studio with our guide to recording a video that you can upload on YouTube with a great audio using your laptop/pc or your smartphone Android or an iPhone and next you can monetize with a Google Adsense.

How to Simple Home Recording Studio

Simple Home Recording Studio with Guide
What you should to prepare before make a home recording studio? Focus on the equipment that must be used to minimalist a cheap studio but great feature. Here our home recording equipment guide:

Recording Equipment:
1. Audio Recording Equipment
a. PC/Laptop/Phone
b. Audio Mixer
c. Microphone
d. Recording Cable
e. Recording Software

2. Video Recording Equipment
a. Handycam/Camera/Phone Camera
b. Lighting Studio
c. Backgound

Recording Studio Guide

After you read the equipment that must be prepare, now you can choose with a cheap budget and great fatures that usefull to record in your sudio.

1. Audio Recording Equipment
a. PC/Laptop/Phone

i. If you choose a PC, please use with a high specs, but if no budget, you can choose the minimalist PC that your own, upgrade with soundcard, and memory into 4GB RAM/ 3GB still enaough.

ii. Laptop more usefull, you can make a live recording too, with i3 processor you can do the recording better use an i7 and 4GB RAM.

iii. Phone is a smart device, it's can record an audio and video, but the phone that i used only can record a mono audio, the external mic or input line just 3 line, 1 for mic, and stereo (2) for earphone. If your is different, comment please to share with each other.

b. Audio Mixer
Analog Audio Mixer for Home Recording Studio

i. Analog Audio Mixer able to control analog or digital signals. The modified signals are summed to produce the combined output signals, which can then be broadcast, amplified through a sound reinforcement system or recorded. Mixing consoles are used in many applications, including recording studios, open address frameworks, sound fortification frameworks, dance club, move clubs, broadcasting, TV, and film after creation. A commonplace, straightforward application consolidates signals from two receivers (each utilized by vocalists singing a two part harmony, maybe) into an enhancer that drives one arrangement of speakers at the same time. In live exhibitions, the flag from the blender typically goes specifically to an intensifier which is connected to speaker cupboards, unless the blender has a worked in control enhancer or is associated with fueled speakers.

When using an analog mixer, record using audio out port / using line out or a main audio out. Connect with RCA cable into your recorder.

This is our video using Behringer QX1222USB to recording using a usb cable and RCA cable, record with Audacity

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The semi digital is better than analog, semi digital mixer use a usb cable interface into pc/laptop to record. The sound quality minimalist a noise from analog with digital audio interface.

This a live concert that we try lo record using the Behringer QX1222USB

Tips Audio Recording

A simple tips and tricks while recording an audio, better to make a ground connections. Brooming humming, noise can reduce by make a ground cable. Ensure your electric cord/power cord use three wire (+,0,and ground). The ground cable made by brass wire, connect using cable into mixer body (ground port).
Best Digital Mixer for Live Sound

ii. Digital Audio Mixer is an electronic gadget used to consolidate, course, and change the elements, balance and different properties of numerous sound information signals, utilizing advanced PCs as opposed to simple hardware. The computerized sound specimens, which is the inner portrayal of the simple information sources, are summed to what is known as an ace channel to deliver a consolidated yield. An expert advanced blending console is a committed work area or control surface delivered solely for the errand, and is regularly more hearty as far as client control, preparing force and nature of sound impacts for best digital mixer for live sound. Maybe a PC with appropriate controller equipment can go about as the gadget for the advanced blending console since it can mirror its interface, info and yield. A new recording era in an audio interface combined with digital audio workstation / DAW is the digital mixer software used to record, edit, and mix music on your computer.

c. Microphone, mic or mike is a transducer that converts sound into an electrical signal. There are a condenser and dynamic.
Microphone for Recording

The condenser microphone capacitor amplifier or electrostatic receiver, capacitors were generally called condensers. Here, the stomach goes about as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations create changes out yonder between the plates. There are two composes, contingent upon the strategy for removing the sound flag from the transducer: DC-one-sided amplifiers, and radio recurrence (RF) or high recurrence (HF) condenser mouthpieces. This condenser mic thing better to record a voice and high percussion device.

The dynamic mouthpiece (otherwise called the moving-curl amplifier) works by means of electromagnetic enlistment. They are hearty, generally reasonable and impervious to dampness. This, combined with their conceivably high pick up before input, makes them perfect for in front of an audience utilize.

d. Recording Cable
Home Recording Studio Guide

What a recording cable to use? here they are:
1. RCA Cable (RCA connectors and cable are also commonly used to carry S/PDIF-formatted digital audio, with plugs colored orange to differentiate them from other typical connections. Connections are made by pushing the cable's plug into the female jack on the device.)
2. Mic Cable (using a canon jack or XLR, thing a good use an XLR)
3. USB Cable (There are several types of USB connector, including some that have been added while the specification progressed. The original USB specification detailed standard-A and standard-B plugs and receptacles; the B connector was necessary so that cabling could be plug ended at both ends)

e. Recording Software

1. Audio Recording Software
A Softare tools to record your audio into file using. Use an Audacity because it's free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. Audacity is available for Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux® and other operating systems. Get free audio recording software, music recording software, professional recording studio software free download.
Digital Home Recording Studio

Choose the right Digital Audio Workstation is first step in the best daw for beginners is a process of building a software-based music production studio. After all, the DAW is the central part of any virtual studio setup, where all the audio recording, editing and mixing takes place. The best way to create digital home recording studio is to use a digital audio workstation (DAW). Get started to learn how to use Digital Audio Workstation and get digital audio workstation free download from the best daw software.

2. Video Recording Software
The video editing software help you edit and create amazing viewer after you grow up from beginners to advanced as a master. See the video editing software free download, professional video editing software free download, best video editing software for Windows, Mac. Linux for you.

2. Video Recording Equipment
a. Handycam/Camera/Phone Camera
Camera: Sony, Panasonic
Phone: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Galaxy S7,

This video we made using Panasonic camcorder MDH2 and record the audio using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by plug an RCA cable from audio output mixer into audio port on Note 3 and hope next can do more using Galaxy Note8 or iPhone 8. May be anyone will sent a give away to support, you can sent via contact or see our location on Google map, big thanks.

b. Lighting Studio
The light make a video better, use a bright lighting with no shadow.

c. Backgound for Home Recording Studio
Use a background to coloring your video, because people need a good view.

We hope these simple guide for home recording studio hope you can streamin on YouTube better and record your live and get money from home. Advertisement