How to Make a Blog and Custom Domain

How to Make a Blog and Custom Domain - Learn how to create a blogspot with free user guide tutorial tips and tricks to custom domain make your blogspot into website.

How to Make a Blog and Custom Domain

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How to Make a Blog

Lets get started a Blogspot, Sign in to Blogger, as well as a list of Facebook, the blogger must also have a Gmail email first, who do not have Gmail email, please make first. To register, please fill in the Gmail email name and password, just like logging in to

Enter the name of the email / Gmail with the password, then click Sign In, and Crete blog
Fill in the title and address of the blog with the name of the blog as you wish, and If already filled the blog address then there will be writing underneath This blog address is available, if not my friend can change the name of other blogs like labtamandewasakebumen or up buddy. Well, if you have now just choose a template or blog view, select according to your pal. For the template can be changed again so choose if you feel nothing good, select any course. After finished make the article just click publish

Publish a Blog
after finished making the article just click Publish

Check your Google console, webmaster tool and add url submit if need fast index in Google search.

Create a blog into Website

As a Blogger, your blogspot can also easily become a website. Website (English: website) is an interconnected webpage that generally resides on the same server containing a collection of information provided by individuals, groups, or organizations in this lesson you can check out a custom domain in StreamingYouTube. A website is usually placed at least on a web server that can be accessed through a network such as the Internet, or a local area network (LAN) through an Internet address identified as a URL. The combination of all publicly accessible sites on the Internet is also called the World Wide Web or better known as WWW abbreviation. Make a website can you visit websire service providers and also download tutorial how to create a website that is easy to understand beginners, from start to so website, with free help can even make money by registering blog to google adsense.

Website History

The inventor of the website was Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, while the first web-connected website appeared in 1991. The purpose of the Team when designing the website was to facilitate exchange of information and updates to fellow researchers in the workplace. On April 30, 1993, CERN (the place where the Team worked) announced that the WWW could be used free of charge by the public.

A website may be the work of individuals or individuals, or show ownership of an organization, company. usually the discussion in a website refers to a particular topic or topic, or a particular interest. A website may contain links linking to other websites, as well as with other websites. This sometimes makes the difference between individual and individual websites with websites created by business organizations becoming less obvious.

Websites are usually placed on a web server. A web server is generally equipped with special tools for handling domain name settings, as well as handling services over the HTTP protocol called HTTP Server (English: HTTP Server) such as Apache HTTP Server, or Internet Information Services (IIS).


Domain is the address of a website, in fact the address of the sites that exist on the Internet is the basic form of numbers, for example if this number is typed in the address bar in the web browser it will open the Google website, another example 72.30 .38.140 if this is typed it will open Yahoo. The use of these numbers is often called an IP address when it is actually a domain address.

Domains using words aim to make their use easier to remember than to memorize long sequences of numbers. Therefore, Internet experts make the domain naming system in the form of words to substitute the sequence of these numbers.

Portions of the domain. namely the domain name and extension (extension) used behind the domain name.

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For example: which is the domain name is wikipedia and the extension used is .org. Initially, domain extensions are not so much, now domain extensions have been very many of them (.com, .edu,, .gov, .org and so on). Providing an extension to a domain should not be arbitrary especially for .edu, .gov, and various extensions that are reserved for educational and government institutions only.

Domain Example TLD:

.com: used for commercial or corporate purposes.
.net: used for the benefit of network infrastructure.
.org: used for the benefit of the organization.
.info: used for the informational benefit of the website.
.name: used for the benefit of family or individual.
.edu: used for educational purposes (limited to education only).
.mil: used for military purposes (limited only to military)
.biz: used for business purposes.
.tv: used for entertainment such as television, radio, magazines, and others.
.travel: used for the benefit of tourism business.

How to Turn Blogspot into a Website

The website name (called domain) can be specified by yourself. After we buy the next domain name we change blogspot into a website (com, xzy, tk, us, press, tv, tube, info and others.) Get your domain with a coupons and promo code.

How to Custom Domain from blogspot

Go to your blog's basic settings

Check Blog Address Publications + Set up 3rd party URLs for your blog - Redirecting your registered URL to your blog. Do not have a domain? Buy Domain.
Click on the 3rd party url and enter the domain name with www or non www.

After that came the custom domain from blogspot to website in the form of www code, and unique code domain and unique code url website you will install on domain service provider.


If successfully saved means you can already turn blogspot into a website with custom domain as you wish.

Blogspot Can Make Money

If you are diligent in writing and read many articles even occupy page 1 (pageone) in Google search, God bless you and will easily to earn money. The next tips and tricks is how to register the website / blog to Google Adsense. Want to know more to be able to live with payday from Google? Follow in the next article.