How to Buy Domain or Domain Registration in NameCheap with Tutorial

How to Buy Domain or Domain Registration in NameCheap with Tutorial - In this article, we will provide NameCheap buying guide and tutorial, of the process of purchasing or registering the domain NameCheap up to its payment transactions and get smart price(NameCheap Coupons, Promo Code, NameCheap Buying Guide) with a discount from NameCheap Coupons. New domain registration including hosting account can register new domain (or deleted domain/) renew domain, directly to the domain registrar.

How to Buy Domain or Domain Registration in NameCheap with Tutorial

NameCheap Tutorial, NameCheap Coupons, Promo Code, NameCheap Buying Guide
Namecheap is a company engaged in registration services and sales of domain names and web hosting that has been accredited by ICANN. The Namecheap office itself is based in Los Angeles, California. In general, the new domain registration process (including deleted domains) on all registrar can be said the same.

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The differences we often encounter include: availability of TLDs, prices, promos / discounts, payment instruments, and delivery times. Similarly, about expired domains, although each registrar has their own system and policies about expired domains in their registration, but in general the purchasing and re-registration process is almost the same. Here is an example of a Domain Registration step (new / deleted) directly to namecheap hosting.

How to Buy a Domain in NameCheap

Here the tutorial to order domain / buy a new domain in NameCheap:

Open the web namecheap in your browser,
For those who already have an account, please SIGN IN, and go, for those who have not, click SIGN UP.

After the contents of dashboard namecheap form completely, click Create Account and Continue.

No email verification, but you still need to use VALID email.

After entering the dashboard, select / highlight the Domains menu and click Registration.

Enter the domain name you want to buy, then click Search.

How to Register Domain in NameCheap

If the domain you want is not available, edit / rename your domain.

If the desired domain is still available (available), click the shopping cart icon to buy it. But you must get namecheap login by register.

Once the domain is in your cart, click "View Cart".

NameCheap Coupons

You are now on the Shopping Cart page. You can see that we will register domain. Com for 1 year (1 Year), the price $ 10.69, there is a fee ICANN fee $ 0.18, and already include WhoisGuard FREE! a year (1 year subscription).

If you have a NameCheap Promo Code, please enter in the available fields and click "Apply". If you are sure, just click "Confirm Order" to continue the purchase.

You will then be prompted to fill out "Account Contact Information" (new account only / not contents data).

Please complete the contents of your data. Uncheck the "I'm registering on behalf of a company", if you register not on behalf of the company.

After all data is complete (columns with arrows), please click Continue.

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The next page in how to buy a domain in NameCheap is Whois Contact Information. Click Continue to continue.

Next you are asked to select and fill the data "Payment Method" that you will use. There are 3 choices of payment methods in NameCheap, namely:

Secure Card Payment,


Account Funds.

NameCheap Buying Guide

In this example we select PayPal as the payment method. Once we select PayPal as our payment method, click Continue to continue.

A quick review of your order, then click. Wait loading for a while, you will redirect to the PayPal page.

Wait loading for a while, you will redirect to the PayPal page.

Once connected with PayPal, enter your PayPal Email and Password, then click Log In.

Finally, click Continue when you are asked for review once again.

Congratulations on How to Buy Domain or Domain Registration in NameCheap web hosting Success with tutorial tips and tricks. The domain TLD purchased with namecheap coupons works!